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The Best Shoelaces Money Can Buy - Stolen Riches

When it comes to fashion, the devil's in the details.

But shoelaces? Seriously? Who even CARES? Why would you spend your hard-earned cash on fancy shoelaces when a perfectly good pair comes with every shoe you buy?

I had the same outlook...

Until I found out about Stolen Riches.

shoelaces, reflective 3m, stolen riches, made in canada, ethical,

As far as clothing companies go, these guys have one hell of a story. It's hard to believe, but they've been making shoelaces since 1915. They've stood the test of time, and the brand is well over 100 years old.

And what's even more impressive is the fact that they've never outsourced their production. To this day, Stolen Riches still tirelessly produces their laces ethically in Canada.

When it comes to shoelaces from Stolen Riches, all the right boxes are ticked.

The quality is obvious. These are constructed from the best materials available, and they're guaranteed to outlast your shoes. Although that might sound crazy, it makes sense when you hold these laces in your hands.

I really like the metal aglets, which add flair while reminding you that these laces are built to last. Aglets are those end piece thingies - don't worry, I had to Google it too.

shoelaces, reflective 3m, stolen riches, made in canada, ethical,

I'll be honest, these shoelaces don't come cheap. At almost $20 per pair, it's hard to convince yourself that you actually NEED them.

I managed to get mine on sale during the holiday season, so it wasn't too big of a deal. Plus, if you buy a pack of four like I did, you get an even better discount.

Still, you need to actually see these shoelaces with your own eyes to really appreciate why they're so special.

Stolen Riches makes all kinds of different shoelaces, with pretty much any pattern or color you can imagine. From pink camouflage to sophisticated patterns and beautiful solid hues, Stolen Riches has it all.

They have shoelaces that'll fit sneakers, dress shoes, or boots.

But in my case, I chose a pack of four laces which were by far the coolest option, in my opinion...

shoelaces, reflective 3m, stolen riches, made in canada, ethical,

Say hello to Stolen Riches 3M Reflective Shoelaces.

In case you didn't know, 3M is a company that makes all kinds of random products - but they're probably best known in the fashion world for creating reflective fabrics and coatings.

These reflective surfaces shine with intense brightness whenever they pick up a light source - such a car headlight or a lamp post. They also shine the incoming light directly back at that source, instead of letting the light scatter.

shoelaces, reflective 3m, stolen riches, made in canada, ethical,
My favorite colorway - these laces earned a spot on my sneakers

For this reason, 3M technology is frequently used in safety products, such as those needed in the construction industry.

But in the last few years, the fashion world has really taken a shining to 3M (pun intended), implementing their technology in all kinds of clothing, from head to toe.

Raised By Wolves is a great example, and this Canadian company loves to use 3M whenever they stamp their logo on a hoodie or a shirt. Don't worry - we'll be talking a lot more about this brand in future blog posts.

But let's get back to Stolen Riches. By the time I'd laced up my sneakers with these awesome accessories, I was thoroughly convinced.

There's just something about seeing things light up and get all shiny... I don't know, maybe it's my inner child screaming with glee... But as far as I'm concerned, these laces are well worth it.

Moments like these are what makes this whole fashion thing hilarious and fun. Did I really NEED laces that light up randomly? Of course not. But this needless extravagance was irresistible for some strange reason.

Like life itself, sometimes the little things in fashion are the most satisfying.

People love to go above and beyond, wearing crazy things that confuse/blind people as they walk down the street.

shoelaces, reflective 3m, stolen riches, made in canada, ethical,

Sometimes, going the extra mile with meaningless details is what fashion is all about.

One more thing - technically my shoes are made in Canada after I put these laces on. I mean, if certain components on the shoes are made in Canada, then we can stretch the definition a little and say the entire shoe is made in Canada...


All I know is that when I wear these laces along with the rest of my outfit, I'm wearing products made in Canada from head to toe...

shoelaces, reflective 3m, stolen riches, made in canada, ethical,

And for whatever reason, that's a comforting thought.

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