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Sustainable Sunglasses: Loch Effects

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Loch Effects sent me a free pair of sunglasses in exchange for writing this article.

I previously talked about Loch Effects in my list of "best #sunglasses made in Canada," and I've been keeping my eye on this #Canadian #eyewear brand ever since. A while back, Loch Effects came out with a totally new product line made from #sustainable, #plant-based plastic. Although this brand certainly made a lot of waves with its wooden frames, their new plant-based shades are definitely worth checking out.

The Try-On Kit

Loch Effects were good enough to send me a couple of pairs to try out. Unlike most of the other brands that make their sunglasses in #Canada, these guys actually give you the option to try on up to three different shades at home before you make your final decision. You can keep the sunglasses you like and send the other ones back with no extra fees or shipping costs. It's definitely a nice option, especially if you can't find these sunglasses at a local store near you.

I'm the kind of person who can never seem to decide between "wild" styles and a more classic, understated aesthetic. I think a lot of people out there are probably in the same boat. It's tough to choose between an "out there" pair of shades and a more timeless option. Can you really pull off that crazy look, or should you play it safe with a more toned-down silhouette?

This dilemma is exactly why a try-on kit is such an awesome idea. As you can see, I ordered two different sunglasses that are on completely different ends of the spectrum.

On the one hand, we have the Hodki, a round frame with fully circular lenses. Loch Effects lets you choose between a wide range of frame colors, from polished black to totally transparent crystal. I went for crystal, opting for a totally modern look. I also chose green-colored lenses.

On the complete other end of the spectrum, we have the Doyen. With polished black frames and dark grey lenses, these shades epitomize classic, understated style. Hop in a time machine, go back to the 50s, and no one will bat an eye.

Thanks to the try-on kit, I was given two solid options. I knew that I wanted to at least try to pull off the Hodki. But if it didn't work out, I'd still have the safer option of the Doyen to fall back on. As it turned out, I felt like the Hodki suited me much better - but I probably wouldn't have had the courage to grab these shades if I didn't have the chance to try them on at home. This just goes to show that sometimes crazy sunglasses are easier to pull off than you think. Or maybe not. Either way, Loch Effect's try-on kit lets you take that risk with confidence.

Sustainable Sunglasses

Just like their wooden frames, these sustainable, plant-based sunglasses are completely made in Canada. Right away, you can rest assured that these were made in a place with fair labor practices, strong #ethical principles, and a decent living wage. As far as sustainability goes, these sunglasses are totally #biodegradable. This means that they'll fully break down whenever they end up in a landfill (hopefully never) with zero impact on the planet.

The Technology

The sustainability factor is clearly something to keep in mind, but the sunglasses themselves are amazing purely from a technical standpoint. The plastic material is quite comfortable, and the sunglasses fit snugly without slipping around, especially when you can choose between a number of different sizing options. The #polarized lenses are also quite impressive, and they block out a significant amount of sunlight while still keeping your vision cheery and bright.

Finally, the price is pretty solid as well. As of this writing, Loch Effect's plant-based shades are 20% off, making them the most #affordable sunglasses that are made in Canada (that I could find). If you want to support a sustainable, ethical eyewear brand that makes everything in Canada, I definitely recommend checking out Loch Effects.

One last thing: I'm giving away the Doylens. All you need to do is follow this link, subscribe to my new Instagram account, and follow the instructions you'll find there.

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