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Best Toques Made In Canada

Winter is coming, and you know what that means... time to dig your #toque out of the closet and build your entire outfit around it. But wait... what if you don't have a toque? Perhaps it's lost deep in the crevasses of your couch or forgotten one tragic day on the bus. Whatever the case may be, it's tough to get through the cold months without this crucial #accessory - whether you live on the relatively warm west coast or way up north.

This #Canuck staple becomes even more #Canadian when you grab one that was actually made in #Canada. Trust your fellow citizens to craft a toque of exceptional quality, and you can brave even the most discouraging blizzards. In case you weren't aware, toques made in Canada do exist, and there are actually quite a few brands that are neck-deep in the toque manufacturing trade.

A few notes - Nowhere in this blog will I be referring to toques as "beanies." The correct Canadian term is "toque," and this is a Canadian blog. Secondly, I'll be steering clear of wool, merino, cashmere, or any other fabrics that come from animals. Finally, I haven't had the chance to try all of these toques myself, but I plan to eventually provide a personalized review for all of the options below. Watch this space!

1. Raised by Wolves

Raised by Wolves has been making toques ever since its inception. Over the years, they've come out with a few creative designs, such as the frozen palm tree motif on this acrylic toque. Unlike a lot of other acrylic fabrics I've come across, this one is pretty lightweight and thin, while providing the same amount of warmth as a "fluffier" toque (for lack of a better word).

This particular toque also has a poofy ball (pom pom?) thing on the top, which is a nice touch if you're into that sort of thing. The thing I like about Raised by Wolves is the fact that they offer a wide range of options when it comes to toques, not just a handful of colors or one specific design.

As of this writing, the Ontario-based brand still hasn't come out with its F/W 2020 collection, but I'm sure their toque selection will be as interesting as ever when the new season finally drops.

2. Legends League

Legends League has a storied reputation in the Canadian #streetwear world, and they've been steadily pumping put toques for years. When I first laid my paws on this toque, it was immediately clear that a lot of thought and care and gone into its creation.

While it might look like your average toque, the orange shade is really incredible. It seems as though Legends League carefully releases a color palette specifically based on the seasons. This particular "burnt orange" shade really epitomizes #autumn.

As for the actual material, this one is pretty straightforward. It's thick, warm, and stretchy enough to pull down onto your ears if you really feel like bundling up.

3. Muttonhead

#Muttonhead prides itself on its hiking-inspired apparel, and many of its clothing items are made in Canada. This chunky toque is interesting because it's made out of 100% cotton. Sounds a little more luxurious than acrylic, although I'm not quite sure how it would actually feel compared to acrylic.

I'm definitely planning on testing out this toque for myself in the coming months, so check back later for more info.

4. Province of Canada

For a few years now, Province of Canada has been quietly making timeless pieces like rugby shirts, hoodies, and of course, toques. This is another toque that I haven't had the chance to try yet.

Province of Canada assures us that this toque is made from 100%, high-quality cotton. I think now is the time to point out that many of these Made-in-Canada toques look virtually identical - minus the branding.

That's not a bad thing by any means... It would just be interesting to figure out what factory actually makes the "blank" toques...

5. Taiga

Last but not least we have #Taiga, a Vancouver-based company that makes all kinds of outdoor and hiking gear. This is Taiga's 3-Way Neck Tube, a versatile piece of #Polartec #fleece that you can wear in three different ways.

There are a lot of reasons to love this particular option. First of all, the option to wear this toque as a mask is certainly a plus during #Covid-19.

In addition, Taiga is famous for using top-quality materials. This company sells the type of gear people wear when climbing mount Everest. If you're looking for a toque that'll keep you warm rather than something that'll make a fashion statement, you really can't go wrong with Taiga.

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